Gold & Platinum

Without gold, it is said, there would be no jewelry. For thousands of years, men have fought, sailed oceans, braved jungles and moved mountains for gold. Every great civilization has left a legacy of gold jewelry that unfailingly dazzles the modern eye.

Too soft for tools or weapons, gold was thought to be the metal of the sun, coveted for its natural beauty and worshiped for its mystical powers. Today, gold is cherished not just as a rare precious metal. Its physical properties are unrivaled for creating fine jewelry.

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Diamonds burn brightly as symbols of love. For centuries, they have conquered hearts, launched romances, and marked anniversaries. Kings and queens covet them. Movie stars flash them. Some of the planet's hottest and coldest spots produce them. In story and song, the desire for diamonds is as enduring as diamonds themselves. Sifting mountains of rock, in the harshest of climates, produces rough diamonds. A ton of diamond-bearing rock may yield half a carat. If it is earth's ability to squeeze carbon into the hardest substance known, it is the hand of man that coaxes out its luminous personality.

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Choosing Watches

Reasons to buy a fine watch

It's practical. Watches today not only tell time, but they can tell you the day, date and time in other time zones.

It's fashionable. Watch styles reflect and define the times, from sports chronographs to ultra-thin dress styles. They're an important accessory.

It's prestigious. Some watches carry the grace and tradition of names recognized around the world as signifying the highest elegance in jewelry and timepieces.

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Jewelry & Watch Care

  • How to Clean Your Diamonds
  • How to Clean Your Gemstone
  • How to Clean Your Precious Metal
  • How to Take Care of Your Watch
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