Estate Buying & Purchase Services

EDE offers professional services for attorneys, and families who seek to appraise and liquidate an entire estate. Our team of experienced estate buyers, and appraisers have helped liquidate assets including gold, silver, fine jewelry, coins, crystal, gems, watches. Artwork may be appraised on a case by case basis.

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Custom Design

If you can't find what you are looking for in our extensive selections or if you are looking for something special or unique give us a call. Our experienced Goldsmith can create unique custom one of a kind items to your specifications.

Jewelry Repairs

With proper care and maintenance, your fine jewelry will reward you with a lifetime of enjoyment and luxury. EstateĀ 

Diamond Exchange provides professional jewelry repair, refinishing and refurbishment services that make it easy for you to recapture the pleasure your jewelry was meant to bring. Our full suite of jewelry repair services includes ring sizing, mountings, stone replacement, retipping prongs, jewelry cleaning & polishing, necklace repair, bracelet repair, clasp replacement, refurbishment & custom jewelry designs.

Watch Repairs

Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order to work perfectly. Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such work, which depends on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch's owner.

The small amount of oil needed to lubricate the bearings of the movement gets used up. This can lead to reduced accuracy or even stop a movement. Also the crown can get damaged by hits and the little rubber seals that guarantee the tightness of the watch dry up over time, letting dust and humidity enter the movement.

As a general rule, service intervals are between 3 and 7 years, depending on the use..


What We Offer


We provide helpful articles and resources to assist you in your search for the ideal piece of jewelry. Whether you're looking for bridal jewelry like a diamond engagement ring, a set of wedding bands, or a fine watch, our guides will give you the information you need to confidently navigate the world of jewelry.

We hope that you find our resource helpful in finding a ring, necklace, bracelet or a fine watch that is as beautiful as it is meaningful.



We provide Free on the spot Verbal Appraisals as part of purchase and loan programs, for Insurance purposes we charge a flat fee per item for each appraisal. This fee is based only on the time needed to perform the tests and calculations. Fees are in no way determined by the value of the jewelry.

Many customers often ask us about appraisals for jewelry and watches. But how do you know when, and how often, you need an appraisal? It's easy. We've put together this helpful list of questions so you understand whether or not an appraisal is necessary for you...

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